Central Hawke's Bay Anglican Parish

Finance Focus Group

June 2019  Finance Focus Group Report

·         Parish finances for May still in credit and looking on track to break even for the year

·         St Michael’s spire repairs – likely finance focus group will need to co-ordinate fundraising for this.  Joan to discuss with diocese and get list of possible funding sources.  Working on needing $15,000.

·         St Michael’s paddock – should this be sold?  Neighbour has expressed interest in purchasing it.  David to sound out Doug Smith (valuer) and Chris to order a Certificate of Title

·         St Peter’s roof cleaning – Property focus group to be asked to organize quotes with a view to incorporating this into next year’s budget – aim for work to be done late summer, say March 2020?

·         St Peter’s Glebe – Joan has had conversation with Stephanie from Waiapu Kids raising question as to whether they would have access to funding for outdoor education (or similar) and so could make parish a payment for use of Glebe on Thursdays.  Was quite clear this was a discussion not a rent demand!

·         St Peter’s driveway funding in hand and quotes from Higgins have been accepted by the Diocese.

·         Some discussion on complex presentation of accounts from Diocese.  Joan to check whether there will be any presentation from Diocesan accounts at Regional Conference next month.