Central Hawke's Bay Anglican Parish

Parishwide News - Extracts from Parish Newsletter - February

Dear friends

If someone’s at the supermarket with a dirty smudge on their foreheads on

Wednesday February 26th, the chances are - not that they have been neglecting their usual habits of personal cleanliness – but that they have been to an Ash Wednesday service, to mark the beginning of Lent, and that the smudge is not any old sort of dirt, but ashes, put there by a priest. When our children were small, I never encouraged them to come to this service. As the ash goes on the forehead, via the priest’s thumb, in the sign of the cross, these words are said: Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return. Repent and turn to

Christ. How can we say that to our beautiful children? How can we literally mark them with such a visible sign of grief and mourning? We work so hard to keep children safe, to make sure they know that they are so loved and to encour- age their sense of wonder at the beauty and intricacy of the world around them. As far as I was concerned, the ashes represented all that I was endeavouring to protect our children from and it just didn’t seem decent to tell them that we came from dust and were returning to it.

But ash has taken on a different symbolism over this summer. Ashes from the Australian bushfires have smothered towns and vast areas of farm land in Aus- tralia. In this country, they have turned snow on the Franz Joseph and Fox glaci- ers a caramel brown and contaminated water sources in Stewart Island. Certain- ly, it’s not supposed to be like this. And I am wondering whether I was right to say that the Ash Wednesday service wasn’t really for children. In this world of ours – the real world we live in – things can go monumentally wrong. Our chil- dren live in this world too.

We all of us instinctively try to protect those we love – including ourselves and especially our children – from the things that can go wrong. We barricade our- selves with metaphorical cushions and behind metaphorical armoured glass. We become experts at burying our heads in metaphorical sand. But once a year the church requires us to come out of hiding and says, over the 40 day period we call Lent: just look at the way things are. Not so that we can be paralyzed with guilt or frightened half to death, but that so we can begin to see that wherever we go, and whatever we must face, we are never alone. God is with us. It takes courage to even begin to accept this, because there are some places I definitely do not want to go and things I do not want to face. But our faith insists that the reality of “God is with us” is what we need – as opposed to cushions and armoured glass - when confronting the other realities of our world.   God: who we describe as love, light in the darkness and water in a thirsty land. In whom our faith tells us we find both redemption, and resurrection, for all creation. Surely, that is the

most important thing we can say - to anyone.

Services in our Parish

Sunday February 9

9am St Mary’s Waipukurau 9am St Mark’s Takapau

10am St Peter’s Waipawa Café Church 10am St James’ Otane

2pm St Michael’s Porangahau Hands On Service

Sunday February 16

9am St Mary’s Waipukurau

10am St Peter’s Waipawa

10:30am Church of the Epiphany Ormondville

Saturday February 22

4pm Messy Church St Peter’s

Sunday February 23

9am St Mary’s Waipukurau

9am St Mark’s Takapau Informal Service 10am St James’ Otane

Wednesday February 26

7pm St Mary’s Waipukurau Imposition of Ashes

Sunday March 1

9am St Mary’s Waipukurau 10am St Peter’s Waipawa 10:30am St David’s Norsewood

Sunday March 8

9am St Mary’s Waipukurau 9am St Mark’s Takapau 10am St James’ Otane

10am St Peter’s Waipawa Café Church

2pm St Peter’s Wallingford Hands On Service

Sunday March 15

9am St Mary’s Waipukurau 10am St Peter’s Waipawa

10:30am Church of the Epiphany Ormondville

Saturday March 21

4pm St Peter’s Waipawa Messy Church

Sunday March 22

9am St Mary’s Waipukurau

9am St Mark’s Takapau Informal Service 10am St James’ Otane

Sunday March 29

10am St Mark’s Takapau

Followed by parish AGM and shared lunch

NB A combined service for the parish today – all welcome

CHB Parish AGM

After the 10am service at St Mark’s Takapau. 29th March

·  Parish accounts for the year presented,

·  Vestry elected

·  and questions you may have on parish life hopefully answered.

Pot Luck shared meal to follow

Lenten Studies

You can go a long way on a good story so this year we are going to the movies for Lent. Each Wednesday in Lent, starting March 4th, 2-3:30pm at the CHB Parish Vicarage in St Mary's Road, Waipukurau , we will be watching a movie. Some films may stretch over 2 weeks, so we can finish our sessions on time, but the three chosen so far are all fantastic – true - stories, really encouraging in themselves but also helping us to tap more deeply into our faith and see God acting in the lives of people just like us (more or less), in the world we know today. 

We will be watching:

A Walk to Beautiful The stories of five women in Ethiopia who are ostracised by their family and villages because of traumatic injuries caused by failed childbirth. These women live in isolation with a sense of loneliness and shame but reclaim their lives by taking the long and exhausting journey to th Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital (founded in the 1960s by 2 doctors – a New Zealander and an Australian), so they can receive the free medical treatment available only there.

Gardening With Soul A year in the garden with 90-year-old Sister Loyola Galvin whose infectious optimism is fed every day by her love of gardening. Themes of faith, aging and compassion sit alongside the practicalities of community life, issues within the church and the importance of good compost in this intimate, funny and moving portrait of a woman approaching the end of her life.

Won’t You Be My Neighbour “Mister Rogers” is not a household name in our country but he is in the United States: for over 30 years American children grew up watching Mister Rogers’ Neighbourhood on public television. This movie looks at what made him tick. He tackled life’s weightiest issues in a simple direct way beloved by millions of children while showing them what empathy, love and patience looked like. One reviewer put it this way - He gave us the most precious gift of all: the courage to be kind

Otane Lenten Studies

 The same programme of studies will also be held at Otane, commencing on Wednesday 4th March and finishing on Wednesday 1st April at 7.00 pm - 8.30 pm at "Te Waireka" White Road Otane (Meeting Room)

St Peter’s Update

Eucharist service on the First and Third Sunday of the month and on the Second Sun- day Cafe Church will be held in the hall. All services commence at 10am. Cafe Church is an informal service starting with coffee and then Morning service at 10. 30. Am. This is a chance to get together and discuss any thoughts you might have regarding the Church and the grounds etc.

We do need to do something about the porch way into the church. It needs re-sanding and the wooden floor stained. Any offers to help please let Judy know her phone number is 8578 548.


St Mary’s News

St Mary’s congregation enjoyed several special Christmas activities including

·                a fun Children’s Nativity play on the 8th December with some great performances by our children but the added bonus of having several of our adult congregation co-opted at the last minute to join the cast including the wise men, the emperor, the star in the east, and a King Herod who died a dramatic death for us on stage… Thank you Peter Clark!

·                A visit from Hunter Park Kindergarten children to hear Joan our vicar tell them the Christmas story and then learn to sing Away in the Manger followed by morning tea

·                A visit from the Waipukurau Primary Junior School children to sing Christmas


·                A Special Christmas Service on the 18th December at St Mary’s for Resthome residents as well as clients of the Pakeke Centre

·                A Parish wide barbeque at the vicarage hastily moved inside when it poured with rain!

·                An evening Lessons and Carols service on the 22nd (a big thank you to the nine readers)

·                Topped off of course, with a well attended and joyful Christmas morning family Eucharist service.


As usual the Christmas festivities were followed by a quieter January. We enjoyed our traditional combined services with the St Andrews congregation, joining them on the 12th of January and on the following Sunday we were delighted to welcome a good number of them back to our place, swelling our numbers nicely!

We at St Mary’s were all very shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Lance Jacobs who spear headed our earthquake strengthening project. We have all felt so grateful to him for his calm support of the committee and his help in overcoming all the many challenges such a project entails. He is a great loss to our Central Hawkes


Messy Church

Messy Church resumes on 22nd February following the summer break. We are looking forward to our special kind of Church, that lays the foundation of Jesus Christ but also works to build the Church with our actions. Come and join us for an afternoon of fun, faith and food from 4.PM, when

we will journey with Abraham and Sarah and learn about God’s promise to Abraham.

Our Messy Church team has met and has planned an exciting programme for the next few months. The team is always keen to hear from parishioners who would like to help with or be part of Messy Church in any way.

We try to provide a science or extreme craft activity each month and we would really appreciate assistance with this. This month we will erect a tent!


Change of Direction for Two of our Clergy


For a number of years Dot King has been the resident priest in the Takapau end of the CHB parish, covering the churches of St Mark’s Epiphany and Norsewood. All who know Dot recognise that she covers a huge amount of ground, literally and metaphorically, but she has decided that the time has come to refocus her energies. Dot will take up what is called a “Permission to Officiate” which means that she can be invited to officiate in any parish in the Diocese (she can say no!) by the minister in charge, rather than being li-

censed in this parish, with a responsibility in a particular area, as has been the case. This does not mean that we will be losing Dot’s services, but she will be more visible throughout the wider parish, not just the southern end of it, and will be putting in fewer hours. No-one would begrudge Dot this read-

justment in her time and commitment. We are tremendously grateful for all she has given to the parish and also that she will still be part of the ministry team, with more to give.

Mary Rowlands, however, who also started out ordained life in the Takapau area but who has held a “Permission to Officiate” in recent years, is retiring, with Arthur to Napier, and so leaving the CHB Parish altogether. Mary has been a hugely valued member of our clergy team: wise, calm and always ready to help out wherever needed. This is in addition to her diocesan wide role as Spiritual Director, with Cursillo. We will miss Mary so much, but again, cannot begrudge her this retirement and change of direction.

At January’s PPP we said thank you to these two who have given so much to our parish. A few days later, I received this email from Mary, to us all:

Dear Joan and all of CHB Parish.We thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Shona and Bay's last Sunday night - it was great to see you all again. Special thanks for the flowers and for the gift voucher. My time in the Parish has been very special, beginning way back when our son was baptised 44 years ago and progressing through Sunday School, Admission to Communion, Healing groups, prayer groups and ulti- mately to my Ordination. We had our trials and tribulations as we attempted to find some progress as Anglican Parishes in CHB. I think we've got it finally! So thank you all for everything - our future is now in Napier but you are welcome to visit any time (Joan has my phone number) and I hope to visit you from time to time  

May God bless you all