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Baptism of Children

Baptism, or Christening, is a momentous moment on the Christian journey. It marks the point when someone becomes part of God's woldwide church, a member of the body of Christ, receiving God's vocation to follow Jesus and love him always.

Even though the congregation, parents and godparents make various commitments at baptism, baptism is firstly God's commitment to us. He makes the love he shows to us in the death and resurrection of Jesus particular for the person being baptised. The bible tells us that when we are baptised it's as if we die to our old life and rise again to a new and eternal life with God.

We are delighted to baptise any children who live in our parish or who are related to members of the congregation.

If you are thinking of having your child baptised, we encourage you to come along to one of our regular services because our Baptisms are part of our regular services (as opposed to a separate service). Once you're ready to arrange a baptism please make contact with our Vicar, Rev'd Joan Edmundson, who will then arrange a meeting with you to discuss all necessary arrangements.

Baptism of Adults

We welcome adults enquiring about being baptised. For an adult to be baptised is a significant stage on our journey with God. We recognise that God has reached out to us and we which to show our love and commitment to him in response.

Usually adults being baptised will be regular worshippers in our church. Normally an adult being baptised will also prepare for Confirmation at the same time. If you are thinking about taking this step of faith, please get in touch with our Vicar who will be pleased to discuss this with you.