Central Hawke's Bay Anglican Parish

Outreach & Pastoral Focus Group


New Initiatives Discussed

·        Jo Harris and Hunter Park Kindergarten (once a term activities at St Mary’s)

·        Funeral advice and All Souls Eve promotion. (Joan has talked with funeral directors)

·        Prayer cards in church entrance (St Mary’s) Deb to print now entrance open.

·        Isolated Elderly or disabled parishioners etc: We will discuss the feasibility of ringing everyone on the roll at the next meeting. In the meantime, we will try to identify people who are absent from church and follow up with a phone call to ensure we are supportive of each other.

·        Winter Talks with Roger Maaka – Takapau

·        Middle Aged Parishioners: We discussed the many middle aged parishioners who don’t attend church any more but are clearly supportive of us and regard themselves as Anglicans.  We decided to put a message in the next newsletter asking for volunteers to join our “outreach and pastoral support group” saying we would like a list of people who could be called on if we need some volunteer support for a social need we have been made aware of.  We will ask Joan to action this.

·        Heartlands: Koa suggests we tell Heartlands that we (the Outreach and Pastoral Group) are available to support people in the community when there is a social need she sees not being met.  However we did discuss our capacity to assist and need to remember our congregations are small and getting older and already involved in lots of volunteer support. We will consider this at the next meeting again.

Existing Initiatives updated:

·        Pakeke: Deb now volunteer van driver and several have helped on raffle table – hope for more initiatives soon around hymn sing-alongs and open day

·        Reading In Schools: Need to follow up with Terrace school.

·        Booties: Ask St Mary’s Fellowship to knit more booties to keep this initiative going. 

·        Enliven Takapau continue to have good attendance.  Dot involved in providing the fortnightly $10.00 lunches. There is a new coordinator for the exercise classes, Hannah, and Dot is working with her to get systems working better. There are a lot of new people coming to live in Takapau and Dot is busy doing pastoral visits


ON 25 JUNE 2019 


Funeral template Pamphlet: We are enthusiastic about making the pamphlet available in the church foyers and arranging for Nic and/or Bruce to speak to us about funerals .  Joan to pursue.

Ann Hardie’s Prayer: Deb has printed the cards with Lord’s prayer on the back. To be distributed to the other churches if they wish.  In the meantime will go in St Mary’s church lobby area when we have put the furniture back.  Joan has suggested we have prayer beads making sessions in children’s services as well as fellowship groups and provide these along with the cards as well as people being able to make one for themselves. 

Isolated Elderly or disabled parishioners etc: We will discuss the feasibility of ringing everyone on the roll at the next meeting. In the meantime, we will try to identify people who are absent from church and follow up with a phone call to ensure we are supportive of each other.

Booties: Deb and Koa have raised with the Fellowship group.  Joan has some wool to give to Alli to be distributed for people wanting it.  Important that it is all new young mothers who get a pair of booties rather than just those in need.

Mobilising non-church-going Parishioners who Might be prepared to be part of pastoral/outreach team: Joan will go ahead with a notice in the next newsletter asking for people prepared to offer support to give their name email and phone number as well as what they would be prepared to do… Offer a list of possible ways people might be willing to contribute: e.g. driving a parishioner somewhere, making soup/ casseroles etc to be frozen until needed, reading, donating meat or vegetables for the soup/casserole making team, telephoning a small list of people when we want to get a message out (e.g. asking for a cake for a cake stall etc) – perhaps also asking what other things people might like to offer to do.

Ringing through the Roll: We shelved this until we have more of outreach team available to discuss further but agreed it would be a good idea if we had enough people and thought carefully about what people will say and how they will say it. The Pub and Com group have been updating the roll and in the meantime, Deb will send to Koa so she can help with this updating project.


Pastoral Care for Parishioners:

·        Agreed it would be good to have some cards to put in letter box from e.g. “your St Mary’s family” when we know people are sick or having a tough time even if they don’t necessarily come to church but are on the roll.  Joan has some examples to show us next time and in the meantime she will pop a card and a small tube of moisturiser in the letter box of one person we all know of.  In this way we hope all those who are on the roll but don’t come to church will become aware that we are “there” without being “pushy”.

·        Agreed that Dot and Rosalie both tend to do a lot of pastoral care in their respective parishes but it would be good to talk more with them about how we can work together as a pastoral team in Takapau and Waipawa areas. We agreed it would be good to ask Rosalie to join our focus group.  We will try to get together informally with these two at the pot luck lunch after St Peter’s patronal festival this Sunday.

·        Agreed we need to keep thinking about ways to make sure we are made aware of people in our various faith communities who may be in need of extra pastoral support… will talk at the next chit chats in each faith community and make sure everyone knows who is on the committee and to let us know

·        Soup/Casseroles: As mentioned above, we agreed it would be good to re-activate a previous initiative of having people make up soups and casseroles and freeze them so that we could take them to people when they are sick or have other troubles.  This will require asking for donations of a freezer, vegetables and meat as well as volunteers to make meals and freeze them.

Parish Dinner:

As part of the week of festivities 11-18th August for the completion of the strengthening project and the patronal festival for St Mary’s, we hope to have a pot luck dinner for the whole parish.  Our group will be responsible for organising it.

·        Joan to book the hall on 16th August (Friday) with Morag

·        Decorations: Ask Morag to help us put up her flags, Koa will bring candles for tables as well as white sheets as table cloths, we will get together in the afternoon to decorate

·        We will bring the sound system back and ask Jennifer Davies to provide tapes so we can play music .  We can also then use the microphone to make any announcements etc.

·        There will be no speaker or other entertainment, the idea is for us to be able to socialise with each other

·        We will set tables for a sit down meal and put the dishes on a long central trestle so people can access from both sides to speed up serving speed.

·        We will have two courses – if people bring slice for coffee that will be appreciated but we won’t aim to provide this

·        It will be BYO for wine/beer but we will have a “bar” with wine glasses etc  and hope people will place their bottle there to be shared.  Koa and Deb will each make a non alcoholic punch bowl.

·        We will have glasses and jugs of water on the table – we may need to hire more glasses as we don’t believe we will have enough for water glasses as well as the other drinks.

·        The committee will provide some basic essentials as follows in case the pot luck leaves us light on some areas: Deb: Casseroles and plunger coffee, also milk; Joan: roast vegetables; Koa: Apple shortcake; others on committee to be asked to bring the bread/buns, dips and chippies.