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Welcome to the website of our Parish, which extends over a  large geographical area from the coast out to the ranges and is served by a number of historic churches, all working together as one Parish. In worship and in service we aim to bring together people of all ages to worship God, grow together and serve God's world.

Our main churches in Takapau, Waipukurau and Waipawa but we have several others in our smaller communities- many of these churches are open for you to rest, think and pray. This website aims to give you a flavour of our common life. We look forward to meeting you.



God who brings life to creation and to people, help us to see you at work in Central Hawke's Bay and to work with you so your kingdom grows here. By the grace of your Spirit, be the source of our love, our energy and our songs so that, separately and together, we may draw closer to you. May we speak of you and share your life with people who live, work and visit here, bringing glory to your name through Jesus Christ our Lord and in the power of the Spirit. Amen.

St Mary's, Waipukurau- 9.30 am 

St Peter's, Waipawa - 10.00 am 

Ormondville - 10.30 am

 Omakere, Children's Service - 2.00 pm

Services for 24 December

Wallingford- 9.30 am 

Ormondville - 7.00 apm

St James' Otane, - 7.00 pm

Porangahau - 7.00pm

Services for Christmas Day

St Mary's, Waipukurau- 9.30 am 

St Peter's, Waipawa - 10.00 am 

Onga Onga- 8.30 am



Our three main churches: St Mark's at Takapau,  St Mary"s at Waipukurau and St Peter's at Waipawa.


Dear CHB Parish Friends

It’s hot and blowing a gale and my study is a frightful mess - and this Sunday we light the pink candle on our Advent wreathes, the one for joy.  Being hot, buffeted by the wind and living with a messy study are all things that make me irritable.  And if I find my sense of joy challenged by things like the weather, what about those people for whom this last month, this last week has brought real grief or tragedy?   It is not, can not just be happiness, this Advent joy, but maybe something nearer to confidence – that whatever the circumstances we are held in God’s love and that amazingly this love, that by definition encompasses all of creation, has been made tangible and specific and we see it revealed to us in a baby.   Sometimes it’s easier to see these things than make sense of them with words – have a look at the Guardian article on Nativity paintings (the link is in the links attachment) .  They are all well worth a look and a ponder, but have a special look at the 5th painting.  All is not straightforward in this world, a lot of the background is very murky, but look at Mary -  her face and her gesture say beyond any doubt that, at the deepest level, all will be well.  I think this must be what Advent joy looks like.  And she is wearing pink.  There has to be some symbolism in that..


We have had some lovely special services so far this Advent season.  Last Sunday, St Mary’s put on an impromptu Christmas pageant – based on Nicholas Allan’s Jesus’ Christmas Party.  This is a lovely and very, very funny book – if you are looking for a Christmas story to have around the place for young ones (visiting or permanently in residence), I would recommend this.  And Valda was the most wonderful innkeeper.  The following day she was in sparkly red from head to foot as she welcomed people to the Rest Home Christmas service – another lovely occasion.  Wednesday was the Abbotsford Christmas pageant at St Peter’s – extremely young actors  but all carried through with their parts like professionals – and then a Christmas afternoon tea in the Glebe.  This week we have a 4pm service (hands on, very interactive!) at St Michael’s Porangahau, followed by shared picnic tea and the Hunter St Kindergarten visiting St Mary’s on Tuesday (10am) and then Christmas events at both Ormondville (10:30am)  and Omakere (2pm) next Sunday.  It is a busy time but they are all lovely – joyful – services.  You know that you are all invited to them all!  And thank you to all the many parishioners who voluntarily give their time and energy to make so much happen.  All this joy…


A weary angel
prepares for
the season of joy;

prepares its
spirit to fly
and sing joyfully.

In spite of all.

In spite of all.

heartfelt joy –
organically grown.
The work of angels.

The energy of joy –
in spite of all.